How to buy access to Direct Language Hub?

  1. First of all, you need to log into the programme and if you are not a user yet, click REGISTER in the top right corner of the screen and set up a new user account.
  2. After that, you need to:
    1. select the 1-month or 10-month access and click I CHOOSE,
    2. make the payment using the secure Paypal or Przelewy24 service, following the instructions on the website,
    3. the courses will be accessible immediately after the payment is recorded.

How to pay for the course?

You can pay for Direct Language Hub language courses in the following ways:

  1. by card (Visa or MasterCard) using a secure Polish payment service,
  2. by card using Paypal - a secure international payment service,
  3. by a fast transfer from an online bank account using a secure Polish payment service,
  4. from your PayPal account,
  5. by traditional bank transfer,
  6. Przelewy24 service also offers other forms of payment:, Blik, SkyCash.

Are online payments secure?

Payments for courses are processed through trusted payment services – the Polish service and the international service that act as payment intermediaries between the customer and the seller. These are leading companies that prioritise transaction security and hold all the required certificates. More importantly, our company does not receive information on your payment card number or your bank account data – the payment services only provide us with information on your payment. Connection with our service is secured with the SSL protocol (check the green padlock on the left side of the address bar in your browser).

How quickly will I get access to the course?

If you use an automated payment (e.g. payment card, quick online transfer, PayPal), you will get almost immediate access to the course (within several minutes at the latest depending on how quickly your bank or payment card operator responds). If you use conventional payment at a post office or bank, your course will be activated as soon as the payment is credited to our account (in the case of a post office payment, this may take as long as 2–3 days). In order to accelerate course activation, you can send us a scanned payment confirmation to the following e-mail address:

Is access to the course extended automatically?

The access to the course you purchased will not be extended automatically. Before it expires, you will receive a message that will enable you to decide whether you want to continue learning with our platform and pay for the access again. We hope you do, obviously :)

How to use the discount coupon from the textbook to activate a course?

In order to activate access to a course using your discount coupon found in your textbook, you need to:

  1. choose COUPON on the home page,
  2. enter your discount coupon (found on the inside of the textbook cover) correctly,
  3. accept the terms and conditions and click NEXT.

What should I do in case of any problems?

If you have any problems with the payment, contact us at the e-mail address, and we will be happy to help you.



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