DLH Business English: Finance & Insurance

Are you interested in vocabulary connected with finances, accounting and insurance? Check our innovative Business English course!


Who is it for?

19+, intermediate and advanced learners; professionals


intermediate to advanced [B1-C2]

Course in numbers

3 accents, 28 exercise types, over 700 exercises

What do you learn?

Vocabulary connected with finances, accounting and insurance







What is the direct method?

Direct Language Hub online courses are based on the direct method, which is a quick and effective approach to learning and allows everyone to achieve very good results in foreign language learning.


DLH Business English ::: Finance & Insurance is an Internet course of English, which enables you to master the four language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. What is more, our fast English course reflects the natural way of communication.


English lessons are divided into steps and exercises in order to help you understand how the material is structured, which is vital for self-study over the Internet. The online course of English also contains a placement test and short tests at the end of each lesson.


DLH Business English ::: Finance & Insurance is a rapid Internet course of English that you can use to study whenever and wherever you want.


How does the direct method work in an online e-learning course?

Just great! We think that no other method is as effective in e-learning as the direct method.


When we analyse the basic assumptions of the direct method, which date back to the nineteenth century, we have a strong impression that its creators foresaw the age of computers and the Internet. You start with listening comprehension and later on go on to writing. This feature of the direct method makes it possible to implement it into an e-learning system.


The key principles of the direct method

  • the natural way of communication
  • focus on communication
  • rapid learning of new words and grammar
  • high efficiency


Exercise examples

We offer almost 20 exercise types. Some of them are:

  • Listen and answer. In this exercise, you choose the correct answer after listening to the question, screenshot
  • Choose the correct caption for the picture. Your task is to choose the word which best describes the picture, screenshot
  • Dictation. Write down the sentences. You can play each sentence as many times as you need, screenshot
  • Sentences transformation. It's a difficult exercise for advanced learners. You are supposed to change the sentences using certain given words and phrases without changing the meaning, screenshot
  • Filling in the gaps. Guess and fill in the missing words or phrases. Remember that after you click the button CHECK, a loudspeaker will appear on the screen and you will be able to listen to your answers, screenshot




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